Club Life



As a young, family oriented country club, activities and amenities for the entire family are important to the members and the focal point of the Santaluz Club. Golf.

The lifestyle of the Santaluz club encompasses the diverse San Diego culture and spectacular weather. The Santaluz Club hosts many fabulous socials, wine festivals, holiday celebrations, wine dinners, musical performances, and receptions throughout the year to allow opportunities for members to enjoy catching up with friends and making new ones.  Camp Santaluz offers children's activities all year long with summer camps, movie nights and special interest events for all ages. Suffice it to say, life at Santaluz means really getting an opportunity to get to know other members and their families in a variety of fun filled ways.

Annual Club Calendar

Annual Open Calendar
Monday, November 30
 9:15am Super Circuit
 6:30am Early Bird Special 30 min
 8am Yoga Breathe & Balance
9am 3.0/3.5 workout
9am 4.0 workout
 9:15am Cycle & Tone
 10:30am Zumba
330p-7p Basketball Personal Training JL
4pm Jr. Dev Workout
 6pm Spin + Core
Tuesday, December 1
 6am Performance Cycling
 8:15am Power Pump
Ladies' Golf Day
 9:15am Cycle & Core
 9:15am Pilates Barre Fusion