The source for health and fitness at Santaluz, the Hacienda's Fitness Center is also equipped with state-of-the-art stationary bikes, treadmills, stair climbers and cross trainers. Tone and strengthen with the center's free weights and LifeFitness strength center, and enjoy stretching and Yoga exercises in both the indoor and outdoor stretching areas.

Come and experience the latest high tech trend that is sweeping the is Europe's favorite way to train...and the quickest, most effective workout you will find's Power Plate! Acceleration Training builds bone density, increases circulation, helps heal arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, gets rid of cellulite, increases HGH and Seratonin production and is less impactful than traditional strength training. This machine offers flexibility training, core, balance, strength, massage and circulation. Come to the fitness center for a free demonstration!

The Studio at Santaluz offers state of the art Spin bikes, TRX's and Pilates Reformer for small group training and classes in an intimate and personal setting.

Participate in a variety of sports in the Hacienda's gymnasium and multipurpose room as well as aerobics, Pilates and body blast classes. Genuine maple hardwood flooring enhances your basketball and volleyball games, and convenient dressing rooms and locker facilities ensure that you are ready for the day. On the gymnasium's stage, children and adults alike will enjoy performing plays, talents shows, and many other community-oriented entertainment activities.

Our great professional and certified staff offer personalized training sessions to meet your fitness and health needs. They offer over 25 years of training experience combined.

Fitness Classes


Functional Circuit Training

A functional fitness class combining strength training, balance, agility and cardio while using a variety of "gadgets" creating an array of new and exciting exercises to keep you challenged.


Super Strength & Core

Increase your total body strength, increase HGH (human growth hormone) and burn lots of calories!



PiYo is a Pilates/Yoga fusion class that's all about strength training and core conditioning for people who want to sweat their way to sculpted abdominals, increased core strength and greater stability!! It includes modifications so everyone can participate, yet offers progressions to challenge the more advanced, either way, you'll get results.



Ditch the workout and join the party! This is 60 minutes of pure cardio fun to the best music!


Zumba & tone 

Zumba with some focus on body sculpting!


Pilates variation

We rotate Pilates with weights, bands, balls and mat class to create a class that changes and challenges from week to week.

Pilates Barre Fusion 

A whole body, high velocity, quick paced Pilates mat and Barre toning class. We will be utilizing the ballet barre, weights, balls and the Pilates magic circle while following the principles of Pilates and Ballet. All levels welcome!


Circuit Training

Timed cardio and strength training exercises while rotating from station to station.


Muscle Conditioning

Every type of muscle strength and conditioning work for the whole body. All levels welcome!

Yoga Fusion

A blend of Vinyassa and Anusara yoga will offer you a mind, body and spirit connection to feel more harmonious with yourself and with life while creating long, lean muscles and a strong core and a feeling of bliss!


Yoga Plus

Practice traditional yoga poses with a focus on core strengthening, muscle lengthening and restorative stretching with the benefit of using foam rollers.


Kick, Box & tone

Knock out boredom and blast fat with low impact, muscle sculpting kickboxing moves. Lower stress and burn up to 500 calories! 


Cardio Muscle Conditioning

Low impact/step aerobics followed by total body strengthening exercises.

Spin & Tone

30 minutes of Spin, 25 minutes of strengthening (off the bikes) and 5 minutes of stretching.


30 minutes of Spin, 25 minutes of TRX and 5 minutes of stretching.