The source for health and fitness at Santaluz, the Hacienda's Fitness Center is also equipped with state-of-the-art stationary bikes, treadmills, stair climbers and cross trainers. Tone and strengthen with the center's free weights, LifeFitness strength center, and enjoy stretching and Yoga exercises in both the indoor and outdoor stretching areas.

The Fitness Center has a new collection of cardiovascular equipment from Technogym, The Wellness Company. For the last 25 years, Technogym has been known for innovation, research and development, total quality, technology, and irresistible Italian design. Technogym is found in the finest luxury hotels and clubs throughout the world, and is the official Supplier of the Olympic Games, since Sydney in 2000. The Fitness Center has a complete comprehensive collection of equipment, with full entertainment and web capabilities, to meet Santaluz member needs.

The Studio at Santaluz offers state of the art Kaiser Spin bikes, TRX's and Pilates Reformer for small group training and classes in an intimate and personal setting.

Participate in a variety of sports in the Hacienda's gymnasium and multipurpose room. Choose from a variety of exercise classes from strength building to cardio or even dance or yoga! Genuine maple hardwood flooring enhances your basketball and volleyball games, and convenient dressing rooms and locker facilities ensure that you are ready for the day. On the gymnasium's stage, children and adults alike will enjoy performing plays, talents shows, and many other community-oriented entertainment activities.

Our great professional and certified staff offer personalized training sessions to meet your fitness and health needs. They offer over 25 years of training experience combined.

  • Fitness Classes
    • Bluesky Strength and Cardio

      Join us as we get stronger and fitter using the new outdoor Fitness Center! This class will incorporate fun new exercise stations mixed with different types of cardio.

      New Cardio Dance Fusion

      Come and dance with this energetic fitness routine combining aerobics with fun kicking and dance moves! This class will improve coordination, balance, and promote strong posture.

      Core Fusion

      A Pilates and Yoga fusion, this class is designed to improve flexibility, stability, strength and core.

      Cycling & Core

      Low impact spinning combined with core strength training for added strength!

      Cycle & Strength

      Get a great workout with spin and finish off with special stretching designed to increase flexibility, lengthen muscles, and improve general well-being.

      Performance Cycling

      Designed to elevate your power output & increase cycling performance.

      Cycling & TRX

      Low impact cycling combined with benefits of suspension training.

      New Golf/Stretch Fitness

      This class is a great introduction to flexibility and the biomechanics involved with all sports, golf included! A great course for anyone looking to improve their motion mechanics and posture.

      Power Yoga & Pilates

      Get stronger and more flexible with the higher intensity combination of Yoga and Pilates. Strength training, stretching, plus traditional yoga moves are all incorporated into this fun and unique class.

      Pilates Barre Fusion

      This full body workout combining Pilates and the Ballet Barre is guaranteed to transform your physique. This class is designed to improve flexibility, stability, strength and core.

      Santaluz Power Pump

      Get lean, toned and fit with great music to challenge and motivate you! You'll get a total body workout, using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition.

      Super Circuit

      Circuit training utilizing the gym and our new outdoor fitness center! Challenge yourself with a variety of activities while increasing endurance and strength.

      Yoga: Breathe & Balance

      Practice traditional Yoga poses. Focus on muscle lengthening & restorative stretching.

      Yoga Fusion

      Calm and sooth your mind with our combination of yoga and meditation. De-stress and stretch to improve flexibility and mental strength.


      Ditch the workout and join the dance party!

  • Youth Fitness Programs
    • Santaluz Swim Team

      In partnership with North Coast Aquatics, Santaluz Swim Team runs March through November annually, with three seasons for youth swimmers. We are committed to your child’s long term development as a swimmer and place the highest value on teamwork, citizenship, academics and character building.

      Youth Volleyball

      Our volleyball program is designed for beginning and intermediate players learn the basics of volleyball during the Winter season at Santaluz! Sessions will include fundamental skills training in serving, passing, setting, hitting and outdoor conditioning. Young members have fun, play volleyball and improve their skills!

      Private Basketball Coaching

      Expert coaches work individually with young members to improve ball handling, shooting, passing, footwork, aggressiveness, and dribble moves. This focused coaching improves fitness & basketball skills!

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