Swim Lessons


Private swim lessons 

Private swim lessons at the Santaluz Club are a great way for kids to learn how to swim. The instructor will first teach children how to be safe in or near the water, then focus on all swim techniques to fit the students skills levels and goals. 

All lessons are scheduled at member convenience and instructor availability;

Price: Starting at $45 per 30 minutes class, $110 per 60 minutes class

Semi-private classes (max 2 kids): Starting at $40/45 per 30 minutes class; $80/90 per 60 minutes class. Price is per child and depending on instructor level. 

Group swim lessons (max 3 kids) also available at members request

Price: Starting at $35 per 30 minutes class , $70 per 60 minutes class. Price is per child


Class levels: 

BEGINNER 1: Not water safe, introduction to basic water skills

BEGINNER 2: Not yet water safe but very comfortable in the water, able to completely submerge without hesitation, able to swim unassisted to the instructor

INTERMEDIATE: Very comfortable in the water, able to glide in streamline position with kicks, unassisted floats, and freestyle arms

ADVANCED: Able to demonstrate rotary breathing, comfortable in deep water; swim with arm stroke independently for 25 yards


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